Here are some links to publications, organizations, institutions, projects and people; this is not intended as a commercial endorsement of any kind.

Some of the above I work with, contribute to, or use in my research.

Where to publish?

These is my shortlist of the journals that I think are relevant. I only list Open Access journals where I have published with colleagues, and/or where I have evidence of unbiased quality peer review process.

Where to find good researchers and their teams in my research areas?

This is a list of collaborators and/or people I admire… incomplete, and in no particular order.

The Sys. Id. Crowd

The Modelica Crowd

The Power Systems Crowd

… more to come!

Where to get a PMU? - Build one! OpenPMU Project

What tools you use in your research that are not made by yourself?

Modelica and the FMI Standard

System Identification Tools

What can I use to learn Modelica, Python, etc…

Modelica Learning Resources

… more to come!

While you are here, take the chance to …