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ALSETLab is also a Real-Time Simulation Hardware-In-the-Loop Facility!


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Lab Description

Digitalization and renewable energy sources bring tremendous possibilities to revolutionize the way we produce, transport, distribute and consume electricity. However, they also bring tremendous challenges to maintain adequate resiliency and cyber-physical security of electrical power networks.

Our research focuses in the development of transformative concepts, methods/algorithms, cyber-physical models, and tools to take maximum advantage of renewable energy sources by bringing the grid into the digital age, while at the same time meeting the challenges brought by renewables and cyber-physical threats to power grid resiliency.

We develop fundamental research by interweaving skills in electrical power grid control and stability, system identification theory, embedded systems, and most importantly, modeling and simulation.

We are setting the foundation for the Digital Grid of the future!

- What is ALSET Lab?

ALSET is a simulator-based laboratory that can host real-time hardware-in-the-loop experiments on time-critical applications for cyber-physical power systems.

- Why is ALSET Lab important?

Most of our research work at ALSET is focused on cyber-physical power systems. Why cyber-physical? Because electrical power systems are increasingly becoming digitalized, leading to their transformation into a class of cyber-physical systems (a system of systems) where the electrical grid merges with Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). This type of complex systems present unprecedented challenges in their operation and control, and due to unknown interactions with ICT, require new concepts, models, methods and tools to facilitate their operational design, and testing/verification/validation of their performance. We have built ALSET to address these challenges!

- How to get involved?

Gain Digital Skills:

Undergraduate students can join in summer research projects developing skills and contributing to our projects.

Co-terminal students are specially encouraged to start early in their degree to compliment their formal course work with unique skill development with the latest technology that is in high demand in the electrical power industry, world-wide.

Collaborate in Transformative Research with ALSETLab:

ALSETLab is always looking to partner in collaborating through Sponsored Research projects and to join in attracting federal/state funding research opportunities. For examples of on-going and previous collaboration projects, please visit:

Support and Donate to ALSETLab:

Several of our projects or initiatives that have the potential to be transformative in nature and/or position RPI to be a leader in power grid research do not qualify for funding from traditional research grants.

For more information on how to support ALSETLab and examples of previous donations, please visit visit: