Available Positions:

  • Fall 2018 - RPI’s Application - Deadline January 22nd
  • Spring 2019 - Applications will be open in August 2018.

  • Visitors: get in touch with me personally, at luigi dot vanfretti at gmail dot com. You are welcome to visit for a period of at least one semester (if you hold a PhD) or one year (if you do not have a PhD), and under your own funding. I do not have funds to support your visit. IMPORTANT: Check if you are in one of the Embargoed and Sanctioned Countries here, if you are, please contact admissions office before applying, here. Note: As a national research institution in the United States, Rensselaer’s activities are subject to restrictions by the U.S. government, including export-related restrictions. This makes it increasingly difficult for the Institute to accept students or visitors who are nationals of embargoed countries. Unfortunately, if you are from of those embargoed countries, it is unlikely that RPI will allow me to receive you as a visitor.

  • Post-docs: no positions available.

  • Undergrads: if you are an undergrad at RPI and you want to work with me doing research, just get in touch with me personally to book a meeting! Send an email to: luigi dot vanfretti at gmail dot com

MSC/PhD Students

  • I am looking for MSc/PhD students to join ALSETLab @RPI for Fall 2018 and Spring 2019.
  • Positions for 2 students, fully funded by the ECSE department.
  • Tuition + stipend from ECSE department.
  • I’m looking for students with:
    • (a) a strong background on mathematics and physics, control systems theory, digital signal processing, numerical methods, numerical computing, computer engineering or computer science, with interest in modeling and simulation of cyber-physical systems and/or systems engineering. You will work on the development of applied system identification methods for power system model validation.
    • OR
    • (b) background with embedded systems, digital signal processing, experience physical laboratory set-up in electrical engineering, experience with substation automation equipment, and interested in the development of experimental platforms for IoT in the area of electrical power. You will work on the development of a time-sensitive experimental platform and design of experiments for synchrophasor applications.
  • Students should have experience with with experience with the Modelica language and Modelica tools (OM, Dymola, JModelica …), Python, MATLAB/Simulink, C++ (GNU + Visual Studio), LabVIEW and the cRIO, GIT, PSS/E, Real-Time Simulation, etc.
  • Brownie points if you have a Github account, double brownie points if you contribute to a project, triple if you have your own on Github-hosted project.
  • More information to come…