Available Positions: Fall 2017

  • Visitors: get in touch with me personally. You are welcome to visit for a period of at least one semester (if you hold a PhD) or one year (if you do not have a PhD), and under your own funding. I do not have funds to support your visit.
  • Post-docs: no positions available.
  • Undergrads: if you are an undergrad at RPI and you want to work with me doing research, just get in touch with me personally to book a meeting!

MSC/PhD Positions

  • I am looking for MSc/PhD students to join ALSETLab @RPI for Spring and Fall 2018.
  • Positions for 4 students, fully funded by the ECSE department.
  • Tuition + stipend from ECSE department.
  • I’m looking for students with:
    • (a) a strong background on mathematics and physics, control systems theory, digital signal processing, numerical methods, numerical computing, computer engineering or computer science, with interest in modeling and simulation of cyber-physical systems and/or systems engineering. You will work on the development of applied system identification methods for power system model validation.
    • OR
    • (b) background with embedded systems, digital signal processing, experience physical laboratory set-up in electrical engineering, experience with substation automation equipment, and interested in the development of experimental platforms for IoT in the area of electrical power. You will work on the development of a time-sensitive experimental platform and design of experiments for synchrophasor applications.
  • Students should have experience with with experience with the Modelica language and Modelica tools (OM, Dymola, JModelica …), Python, MATLAB/Simulink, C++ (GNU + Visual Studio), LabVIEW and the cRIO, GIT, PSS/E, Real-Time Simulation, etc.
  • Brownie points if you have a Github repository, double brownie points if you contribute to a project, triple if you have your own on Github.
  • More information to come…